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Many students live in hostels. There they live a kind of life which is different from their life at home. This life in hostel is known as hostel life.

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Effect of hostel life on the students

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If you really want to know about real life then you should pass from hostel lifewhat types of peoples are their politician friend, true friend and other.

Simply hostel life is the combination of all,

it is effective for survival for life Hostel life is everything

Yet I strongly feel that ragging should not be grouped under thenegatives. It turns a highly introvert person into highly out coming.It makes you tough. t teaches you how to handle situations. It appearsthat its not conducive for education but its the place where you get tolearn to stay together immaterial of any constraints. It teaches youteam work also makes life easier during the examinations.

it always gets easier to share work rather than do it all yourselfas far as drug addiction is concerned, it happens due to easyavailability and not due to pressure.

But substantially one should not neglect the chance of acquiring hostel life.

It prepares you how to tackle worst stuff of the life.

It teaches you many lessons like friendship, cooperation, Politics, and all..

Their are many other boorish things also like ragging, insecurity etc..

But it all completely depends on how we take it.

So i would advice you to not miss Even a single chance that givesyou opportunity to face the world. as it braces you for the worst.

And that's life


Hostel as compared to Heaven .......

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It is said that home is sweet. But even then life at home cannot becompared to the life in a hostel. At home one has to live as othermembers of the family live. Elders are always there to check theactivities of youngsters. One cannot even frame one's own timetable ofstudies. One has to keep in mind theconvenience of others. One has to study while others keep on talkingand gossiping. Often one room, one kerosene lantern or lamp is usedjointly by two or three brothers and sisters. If some relative or guestcomes in, the whole program of studies is upset. In fact, at home thereis no atmosphere for serious studies. There is constant disturbance dueto one reason or the other.


The life in a hostel is differentfrom that of the home. The greatest blessing of hostel life isindependence. You may sleep whenever you like. You may get up late inthe morning but none will question you. Apart from the general rulesand regulations, which are to be followed necessarily by everyone, oneis his own master. It is due to this reason that many students do notlike to go home even in long vacations. Those who love freedom love thehostel life.


In a hostel, life is full of opportunities ofamusement. One is constantly in touch with young men of one's age. Onecan make friends with one's hostel fellows who have varied tastes andaptitudes. He may choose his friends according to his own liking.Mutual discussions of their favorite film actors and actresses, longcriticism of the latest picture seen by them, and story-telling, addcharm to hostel life. Good arrangements of games and sports, Sundayspecials and eating competitions, and day-to day merry-making, make thehostel life a thing of envy for all.


A Short Poems...........

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A place where we learn

lot of things,

And how to

conduct ourselves.


We are not alone or lonely,

More students to give

company and love.

Far away from parents

Feel home sick,

Nothing to be worried of.


Don't understand anything,

The teachers will help.

Make us study well, and


How to stand on our

own legs.

It is a home away

from home.



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Hostel-lifesuffers from the possible disadvantages. These are due to some unrulyinmates or to some unworthy Superintendents or to both the sides. Lackof essential necessities and necessary provisions bears a very badeffect onhostel discipline.


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Hostel life is very advantages for those who undertake it. The inmates get better facility for study through discussion in a hostelthan in any other place. Here they learn discipline through the rigorof rules and through mutual adjustment and co-operation.

Wanna know somthing about hostel.....???

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A hostel is a place where usually travellers and students live andwhich is supervised by an administration. You can call it as an inn aswell. So living in those hostels is called the hostel life.

You want to know about its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, asyou know very well that everything has some good points and somenegatives in it. The same situation is with the life of a hostel.Especially it has positive points for the students. Now first of all wediscuss the positive points.

The advantages of living in hostels are very prominent. A person who isliving in a hostel he can study with full concentration. He does notneed to perform the necessary household tasks daily. He usually does not prepare food for himself. He willalso learn to trust on himself because he has to do all of his personalwork by himself. And that makes a person confident and courageous.

there are always some disadvantages of hostel life. A person who isliving in a hostel he is not close to his family. And at times he wouldmiss his family. If he gets ill, he would really miss his loved ones tobe there for him. There is always a feeling of loneliness to the personliving in a hostel.


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